Water Trees and Shrubs NOW!

Dont put your hoses up yet!  Our extremely wet summer, has been followed by a very dry fall.  As we head into winter, you want to be sure more than your lawn are put to bed the right way.  Trees and shrubs can be damaged by lack of moisture in the winter, and starting off dry can make it worse.  

According to the latest US Drought Monitor the Kansas City area is in an abnormally dry period and the National Weather Service last week posted that September was the eighth driest on record. This is quite a change from our wetter-than-usual summer.

Now with winter coming many in the know are predicting a warmer, dry period. The weather patterns are not setting up favorably for much-needed moisture heading into spring 2016.

Good soil moisture is the key for plants surviving whatever winter conditions come our way. Luckily we are having a warm October which means it is not all that unpleasant to get out and provide supplemental water to help ensure our plants survive and flourish next year.

This same weather pattern set up a year ago. The summer of 2014 was wetter than normal. But then a dry fall, winter and early spring arrived followed by one of the best summers on record. Then when the rain faucet shut off in August many of our evergreens started to die.

Check out this great article by Dennis Patton at the Kansas City Star for some tips to water properly.  And here's a hint... It's not with a sprinkler.