Our Heart

Our hearts are joyed when we see a landscape revived... But our hearts come alive when we see the life and spirit of another restored!  That is why we have partnered with these organizations, to see lives impacted in an up close and personal way. 

As a business... 

We have committed to giving.

As a client...

You choose where we give.


 We Can Make A Difference!

Restoration House of KC


At Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, we believe in empowering victims of sex trafficking through the healing and recovery process. Our holistic restoration program focuses on healing survivors from the indignities they have suffered by providing physical needs, trauma and addiction therapy, as well as education and job skill training. We seek to provide a house of restoration for survivors as they heal, and provide the resources they need to recover and live fulfilling lives without the pain and fear they have experienced for so long.

Hunting For Heroes


Their Mission

Hunting for Heroes is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing recreational therapy and counseling services to disabled law enforcement officers disabled or injured in the line of duty.  They provide an all-expenses paid therapeutic retreat to the hero, their spouse, and their children.  Due to the life-changing impact these injuries have on the hero and their entire family we have designed programs to provide support to the family unit as a whole.

Their Purpose

To provide a network of resources and support to injured and disabled law enforcement officers and their families through recreational therapy; helping to build a new sense of purpose, hope, and camaraderie with others going through similar life-changing circumstances.  Hunting for Heroes has been credited with preventing numerous suicides. They have pulled our heroes from the depths of depression, eliminating their suicidal thoughts and giving them purpose to stop being disabled and start living with their disability.