Lawn care involves much more than spraying for weeds.  Our turf managers understand your lawn responds to many things, including:

  • Climate
  • Mowing Height / Frequency
  • Insects / Disease
  • Pets
  • Sun / Shade
  • And many others...

The PROactive Lawn Program is designed so our turf managers can keep an eye on your property.  They will begin with a detailed evaluation of your lawns health, to determine what exactly your lawn needs.  From there we can determine what steps are needed to maintain or revive your lawn.   You can expect your turf manager to visit your property about every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.  We believe in our program so much, that we offer the PROactive Promise.  Less Weeds... More Smiles... We Promise!  If you see weeds after we have treated for them, we will return for treatment at no charge*.  

PROactive Plus Program - The PROactive Plus program includes everything in the PROactive program, as well as core aeration service in the fall.  

#1 - Early Spring Application
A pre-emergent crabgrass control and a blend of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are applied to promote color. March - April

#2 - Late Spring Application
This applicaiton contains pre-emergent, nitrogen, and broadleaf weed control.  April - May

#3 - Early Summer Application
A blend of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is applied to help turf survive summer stress. Broadleaf weed control as needed.  May - June

#4 - Grub Management Application
Applied with Early Summer Application, an insecticide is applied to help reduce and prevent damage from grubs and other root feeding insects.  May - June

#5 - Nutsedge Application
A specific herbicide that targets Yellow Nutsedge is applied for fast irradication of this invasive weed.  This application will not harm your lawn or other ornamental plants.  Broadleaf and Grassy weed control applied as needed.  July - Aug

#6 - Early Fall Application
A blend of slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are applied to help promote new root growth. Broadleaf and Grassy weed control applied as needed. Aug - Sept

#7 - Winterizer Application
This application contains a high rate of nitrogen to help promote new root growth and allow grass plants to store food over the winter (which promotes a healthier, greener lawn in the spring). Nov - Dec

**This is our recommended base program.  Other applications are available upon need (Fungus Fighter, Flea/Tick, etc).  We can customize a program to fit your lawn's needs.

*Call backs must be made no earlier than 2 weeks after previous lawn herbicide application  

*Call backs are only warranted when weeds seen are those of weeds controlled in previous application

*Weeds not controlled in our PROactive Lawn Program include:

  • Orchard grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • Zoysia grass