We believe our dedication to excellence is what sets us apart from our competition. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships with our clients, to become their source to knowledge, understanding, and recommendations in all things outdoors. Our values, integrity, and attention to detail are the driving force to our success in life and business. 

Core Values


We are committed to a teamwork-based culture where shared goals and values are synergized with our unique skills, experience, and education to produce extraordinary results for our clients and partners.


We are committed to excellence at every level of our organization. This requires consistent personal and corporate growth and a willingness to learn from successes and challenges.


We are committed to developing leaders on our team.  We know that the leadership developed within, will soon expand to the families, neighborhoods, and communities that we live among, and hold dear to our heart.  


As a profitable company, our team can be sure that we are providing the quality that we demand of ourselves.  We can provide a place for our team to create a passionate career, not just a paycheck.  We can provide a product that is beyond our clients dreams and expectations.  We can give back to our community in creative ways.   By combining our other core values, we believe we can become a more profitable company.

David Forster, Founder - A 3rd generation green thumb, David grew up on a farm in Northeast Kansas, and knows the true meaning of work ethic.  He began his journey in the Green Industry, at the age of 10, by taking on the garden maintenance for his neighbor, who was not able to spend time on her feet outside, due to diabetes.  He began his professional career in 1998, served under one of the midwest's best stone masons, and studied Landscape Management at Kansas State University.  David moved to the KC area in 2006, where his journey continued as owner and founder of Abel Lawn & Landscape.  A family focused leader, David stepped out of his ownership role for a season to solidify his family's foundation, and returned with greater passion when founding Monumental Outdoor in 2013.  David continues to pursue excellence in serving our clients and team at Monumental Outdoor.

See more of our staff soon... We are gathering the juicy details!  

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)
    • Safe Company Program Member
  • Missouri Green Industry Alliance (MOGIA)
  • Kansas Nursery & Landscape Association (KNLA)
  • Home Builders Association of Greater KC

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